Today’s Fashionista Friday is clearly the expert at finding and showcasing her Goodwill designs with a modern and fun angle, as shown by her latest Goodwill scores. 

Willow Wright, a DC-area local, is a designer, knick-knack collector, and treasure hunter. With her finds, she assembles stunning set-ups and photographs them to show the world her eye and appreciation for all things unique. Willow is also a dog lover and beach frequenter aside from her design-related interests. 

Did this picture come out of a design magazine or what!? Willow recently found a pair of vintage brown chairs from her local DC Goodwill store. She scored these beauties for $8 a piece. 

Typically, Willow likes to refinish and redesign her Goodwill finds but she’s keeping this one as-is. The pattern started to grow on her and the legs are still in great shape! 

On another occasion, Goodwill helped her with her recent Easter home decor. Without this brushed metal tray, how could she have pulled together this bright and rustic holiday conversation piece using neutral, classic decor?! 

Thanks, Willow for tagging us and sharing your home decor! Your brightness and eye for the unique are inspiring and captivating. 

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