Greetings, fashionistas! Today I’m taking a break from my usual trending talk to share some Halloween inspiration with you. I’ve curated a few ideas of easily accomplished couples’ costume ideas for you and yours this fall season. These ideas can be accomplished with things you probably already have laying around at home – and if you don’t – a quick trip to Goodwill can you have you and your boo SO ready for Halloween for under $25!

DIY couple Chip and Joanna Gaines

Image from People

Chip and Joanna Gaines. Chip and Joanna are truly America’s favorite DIY-ing couple. A casual outfit complete with a Farmhouse-inspired t-shirt, some chambray, and a dark wig will turn any gal into Joanna Gaines in a flash. Fellas will just need a t-shirt, trucker hat, some wranglers and tool belt! This is a great costume for couples who want to be in the spirit – but don’t want to be overly “festive.”

couple dressed as Mike and Eleven from Stranger Things

Image from A Beautiful Mess

Stranger Things Characters. I have a feeling this will be a very popular costume choice this year. After Stranger Things took the world by storm in 2017, there will definitely be a lot of Eleven’s floating around on October 31st. Online costume retailers have already capitalized on the Stranger Things franchise. Her iconic blue jacket alone was over $28 on one website! At Goodwill, you can find pieces for your DIY costume for a fraction of the price! You could take so many angles with this idea, but I like the classic Eleven and Mike look. A simple pink dress, blue windbreaker, blonde wig, box of Eggo waffles, and some tube socks will have you ready in a flash. A smear of dark lipstick under the nose will make it super authentic. For Mike’s super easy costume – dark chinos, a striped tee, and a backpack are all you need. Don’t forget the walkie-talkie!

ustin Timerberlake and Britney Spears don denim outfits for the 2001 VMAs

Image from Us

Couple poses in DIY Justin and Britney denim costume

Image from Costume Works

The Infamous Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake Denim Duo. While this idea may be considered “dated”, I still love seeing people pull this iconic 2001 VMAs look off. This can be easily created from a combination of pieces you already own and along with a few items picked up from Goodwill. Important elements include a long denim skirt for Brittney and Fedora and sunnies for Justin. Basically, take everything denim you can find and wear it all at once! Such a fun and nostalgic way to show your Halloween spirit.

There you have it! Three great costumes that you can put together in a single trip to Goodwill with your partner in crime. Don’t forget to use the #MyGoodwillFind this Halloween season!  

Karen Wathen is a young professional and self-proclaimed “thriftanista.” Her passion for fashion and her savvy spending habits make shopping second-hand one of her favorite hobbies. Wearing many (frugal and fashionable!) hats, Karen is a highly caffeinated Special Olympics coach, passionate community volunteer, amateur foodie, farm dweller, newlywed, and cheap wine connoisseur. When she isn’t scavenging the racks at DC Goodwill stores, you can find her barefoot in her kitchen, blasting country music and cooking up locally sourced foods from her Southern Maryland community. Follow her on Instagram (@k_watttfor a peek into her savvy life!