Dear readers, if you’ve turned over a new leaf this year and have started to set yourself on a new, healthier path – I’ve got some budget friendly items from Goodwill that will help you find success. These six items, all found for under $6.00 at Goodwill, give the perfect example of how second hand shopping can get you across your own personal finish lines!

Workout Gear: There is nothing that motivates a fashionista more than looking fly in her workout apparel! You’d be shocked to see some of the high end brands of athletic wear that end up in Goodwill stores. All they need is a good wash in hot water and they’re good as new. I frequently spot brands like Columbia, Nike, The North Face, Athletica and Lulu Lemon. This tennis polo was only $4.98 at the Columbia Pike Goodwill store and it was The North Face brand. Perfectly chic.

Candy Bowl Swaps: If one of your resolutions is get to shed the excess sugar from your diet, you might want to donate your candy bowl to Goodwill. But in doing so, you can pick up something super cute to swap out for a healthy option on your counter top. I spotted this Nuts jar at Goodwill for $3.00. That would be perfect to fill with a healthy trail mix!

Vanity Overhaul: This year you may want to get started by cleaning out all your vanity products and organizing your baubles. If you caught my post over the summer about vanity swag, you know that there are tons of great items at Goodwill that you can use for organizing. Here are a few more that I’ve spotted for under $6.00. Things like this would run you upwards of $20.00 in a major department store.

Beautiful Baskets: Whether it is your vanity, kitchen, magazine stack, shoes, living room, toys or even your toilet paper – there is a basket for under $6.00 at Goodwill that is fit for the job. There are tons of baskets in every Goodwill I’ve ever visited; you are guaranteed to find one to suit your organizational needs for the new you!

Save Money, Pack Your Lunch: This is a really common New Year’s Resolution and it makes a lot of sense for more than one reason. Eating out can be costly and unhealthy so if you’re resolution involves heath or money saving, Goodwill has you covered on packing a lunch. Swing into the home goods section to find unique Tupperware for creative packing and don’t forget to check the luggage department for a new lunch box while your there. This classic soup thermos will only cost you a mere $1.98. Perfect!

A New Stylish You: Well, I wouldn’t be the DC Goodwill Fashionista if I didn’t touch on style resolutions. If you’ve resolved to wear more prints, incorporate more color or rope in different textures – Goodwill has you covered in the most wallet-friendly of fashions. Since the stores have standard pricing, you can definitely get women’s blouse of all colors, brands and sizes for $4.98 every day. You could score a new blazer for $5.98, a new skirt for $5.98 or even some wardrobe staples like camisoles for a mere $1.98. The racks are filled with unique buys perfect for spicing up your 2015 style!

Do you have a favorite item you’d like to submit for the Six Under Six series? If so, email me a picture, price and which Goodwill you found it at!