Goodwill is my go-to store for, well, for pretty much everything. I just love finding surprises here! I’ve written blog posts about a lot of the wonderful items I purchased this year, like these quirky dishesmy upcycled herb garden containers, and my new barstools.

As 2023 comes to an end, I thought it would be fun to celebrate some of my favorite Goodwill finds that didn’t make it into a blog post this year. Like this red metal celebrate sign…

There are so many things to celebrate about shopping at Goodwill. For starters, I love making intentional choices about the items I buy. I love that shopping at Goodwill keeps items out of landfills and is a more sustainable way of living. And most of all, I love that more than 94 cents of every dollar spent at Goodwill helps fund education and career training opportunities for people right here in our community.

As I was looking through my photos from this past year, I realized I am wearing a cute top from Goodwill in a lot of really fun moments. Moments worth celebrating!

I packed a suitcase full of Goodwill clothing for our family vacation to the Outer Banks in June. Here’s a Goodwill top and me next to a 400-year-old tree at the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, NC.

Here I am wearing a striped oversized t-shirt during the Best Day Ever at Kings Dominion. There were hardly any lines that day so we could sit in the front row of the roller coasters and ride them over and over. It was so much fun!

And here I am wearing a purple Goodwill shirt on the Best Day of The Year … when we brought our new dog Flapjack home from the Fairfax County Animal Shelter!

(Sorry, the photo is a little blurry. It’s hard to take a selfie with a guy who never sits still!)

Goodwill decor plays a big role in our holiday celebrations as well.

This 7-foot-tall inflatable dragon was only $10. If I had to choose a Best Deal of the Year, this would be it!

And finally, I actually purchased this Snoopy Christmas decoration last year. But I had forgotten about it until I found it stored in my basement with my other decorations. It still had the Goodwill price tag on it, so I’m adding it to my 2023 Celebrations list! 

PRO TIP: The weeks after Christmas are a great time to find fabulous holiday decor items to enjoy next year as people donate items they didn’t use or don’t want to pack up again.

2023 was a great year for thrifting! I can’t wait for more thrifting adventures at Goodwill in 2024.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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