Dearest fashionistas, there’s nothing like a snazzy day dress to brighten your day at work, and make you feel a little bit sassy. Work dresses can occasionally be quite drab, but there’s always room to be creative in the workplace…even in a more formal environment.

On those days when you can experiment a little more, color-blocking is a great way to show your artistic side without being too showy.

Today’s #MyGoodwillFind is a color-block Jessica Simpson dress ornamented with buttons on the sleeves, as well as some intricate pleating detail towards the waist line. It’s comprised of a rich turquoise and black material, with a tulip cut at the hem in a size 6.

I’m a big fan of Jessica Simpson anything. Back in the day, her music was pretty tolerable, but what I love most about her is the cute clothing and shoes that she designs. Her lines are for the sassy and sophisticated girl, who is on the go, has a job, and loves to have a good time.

To add even more spunk, I’d first opt to wearing a fun pair of wedges, platforms or heels. As you know, I’m a BIG lover of stripes, so when I first saw this dress, I thought, “Why not have striped footwear? That’s a thing, right? And, it is!” A nice striped black and white shoe will add additional pizzazz to your look, and keep one’s eye moving up and down your ensemble. Plus, the stripes will complement the horizontal line at the color-blocking part of the dress quite nicely.

A black shoe will work too, but definitely go for a more stylish and interesting one – for example, a platform or lacey style.

In terms of jewelry, if I’m going wild with my shoes, I’m going to be a tad more tame at the neck. That being said, a nice gold bib necklace will add flair without being too crazy and over-the-top. Too much craziness might not be entirely work appropriate.

Then, for handbags, I’d further embrace the color-blocking and throw another color into the mix. A pink, yellow or purple will look very Kate Spade or pop-arty, which is absolutely perfect for the spring and summer seasons. In fact, this type of creative look, embracing a fun color palette, will not only be a fun office look, but an art-gallery-hopping one as well. The options are endless!


Fashionistas, how would you add some pizzazz to this already funky Goodwill gem?