Fashionistas, it’s that time of the year –  it’s time to start talking about summer 2016 trends! Each season, I love researching and talking about new, emerging, or re-emerging trends and figuring our which ones are for me…..and which ones need to go away. Most trends I’m 100% on board with, but there are always one I feel need to go away or stay where they first originated.
Today’s trend falls into the latter category – it needs to go back where it came from. And what trend am I talking about fashionistas? The denim mini skirt.

Paris Hilton Denim skirt

Image from Pinterest

The denim mini has seen its way through many many decades, but the one where I picture it being worn the most was in the early 2000’s.
For example, check out Paris Hilton. We all know Paris is not exactly a fashion icon, but this skirt…on anyone…would look off. It’s a poorly hitting denim square rectangle, that’s super unflattering. It’s way too short for any occasion, and the denim color is too generic.
I will say this – when I had a bedazzled denim mini years ago, it was  easy to throw on….because it was basically a denim tube. But, this type of skirt does have a redeeming quality.
Denim minis can, however, be cute when they’re high-waisted. But for this post, I’m focusing on the low hip-hugging ones.
Denim Mini Skirt from Glamour

Image from Glamour

When perusing Glamour, I noticed this trend was renamed an emerging one for 2016…and I was utterly confused. I was hoping that maybe designers had a new take on the denim skirt…but I was wrong, as exemplified here.
As you’ll notice, this is almost the same skirt that Paris was wearing….except it’s from 2016. The same denim rectangle…same type of hem…it’s like this skirt came straight from 2000.
To top it off, I’m not a fan of the oversized belt as well. It’s almost as wide as the skirt and looks a bit off since it’s sitting above the denim, as opposed to inside belt loops.

Fashionistas, what are your thoughts on this trend? Am I being way too harsh? Do denim mini skirts with low waists have a place in the fashion world? I’d love to hear your thoughts!