Fashionistas, who loves a cool stylish sneaker?! I know I do!
Lately when hitting DC Goodwill stores, I’ve been spotting a ton of old school sneakers that I’m so happy are coming back in style. Sneakers are a great way to be comfortable while maintaining colorful pizazz and spunky personality.
Besides wearing sneakers to the gym and out while running errands, I’ve seen many people wear them to work. They’re a good choice for commuter shoes, and can still spice up your look…even you’ll be wearing them for short period of time!
So what sneaker style am I totally in love with this Spring?
Nike Air Max styles of all types.
On my last visit to the Glebe Goodwill, I spotted several pairs of Air Max shoes (not in my size though 🙁 but they were each under $15!) and it was then and there that I fell in love with this style of shoe.
They come in a variety of fun colors, a little bit of height, and a call back to my favorite decade: the 80’s.
Air Max shoes were born in the late 80’s when Nike introduced it’s Air sole cushioning technology. These shoes were meant to improve athletes’ running and walking abilities, but ever since, have become big icons in fashion.

Nike Air Max

Image from WeHeartIt

In this look from We Heart It, this blonde fashionista is using her larger platform sneakers to add a pop of fun color to her otherwise simple muted look. The dusty pink and deep purple are reminiscent of retro times, which is a superb way to mix vintage vibes with contemporary cuts.
I will wear this look in the coming months on a cooler spring evening when going out with the girls!
Nike Air Max Image from the Styling Dutchman

Image from the Styling Dutchman

Annebeth of the Styling Dutchman shows that this style can not only be worn with jeans or leggings, but with a skirt as well!
She has embraced the bright saturated spring colors of purple, lime green, and a rose pink, while allowing her shoes to be more muted with a tiny pop of orange. This orange ties back to the colors well, without being too over -the-top.
I love how the platform look gives the shoe less of a “running style,” and more of a fashion and trendy look. These are not just for running – just like our favorite Chuck Taylor’s 🙂

What do you think of this style of shoe, fashionistas? Have you seen them at Goodwill?