Last Saturday morning, more than 20 local DC Goodwill Fashionistas and I hit the newer Alexandria Goodwill spot: the Alexandria Kings Highway location. This was actually our biggest Meetup yet! Tons of new and familiar faces were able to make it out, everyone got to peruse the store an hour prior to opening, AND everything was 50% off for the Super Saturday Memorial Day sale. It honestly could NOT have been better! These Meetups are becoming very popular because of the amazing treasures to be found and savings to be had!

Alexandria Accessories Display

While I’ve only hit this location a handful of times, I’ve never left empty handed. Everything I have purchased from this location has been a popular name brand, with each item selling for at least $50 at original price.

When the store opened, I spotted a ton of runway brands. And on this Ziptrip excursion, I had the same experience. I mean, I saw not one , but TWO Kate Spade handbags. What are the odds of that?!

Marikia's cute wedges for under $10!

Marikia’s cute wedges for under $10!

Anyway, the morning started out with a bang. With my happy fellow fashionistas waiting at the door we were ready to shop once 8 AM hit. With tons of yummy breakfast treats laid out, shoppers started entering the store, and the fun times commenced! Everyone ventured all throughout the store in search of home and fashion gems. And boy, did everyone find the best of the best!

Goodwill Alexandria Meetup

It was especially great to see so many familiar faces who have attended Meetups before. Erica, Sam, Marikia…..I swear, there were at least 10 repeat attendees! It truly felt like a strong Goodwill community.  I also met some friends from Instagram, particularly Kim, who we’ve featured on the page before. It was such a pleasure meeting her. She’s incredibly nice, has so much knowledge about vintage home goods and fashion, and is a Goodwill genius all around!

Goodwill Alexandria Meetup

Alexandria Goodwill Retail Store

J Crew Top

Love J Crew!

Goodwill Alexandria Meetup

Alexandria Goodwill Retail Store

The Shirt Top

At Goodwill, this was under $5!

Ornate Table

For $12.50, this was a steal!

On my trip, I picked up quite a few gems, with the items below being my all time favorites.

Leopard Print Wedges

First, I scored these BRAND NEW leopard wedges for only $5! I just wore them to work yesterday and received countless compliments. When I told friends they were under $5 their jaws dropped.

Anthropologie Puppy Shirt

Now this item was one of my favorites of the day as well. It’s an Anthropologie puppy shirt! Isn’t this just adorable? For under $5 (probably originally $50), this will make a fun yet appropriate top for the office. When people saw it in my basket, the print surely turned heads!

Overall, at the end of the morning Meetup, I can honestly say that everyone seemed happy and DEFINITELY walked out with multiple treasures in hand.  I had an amazing time at our Meetup and it’s always such a pleasure to meet like-minded individuals who love style and shopping with smarts. There’s honestly nothing better than shopping and meeting new people all while contributing to a great cause and providing job opportunities in the community. It is unparalleled.

Come to our next Meetup if you couldn’t make it to this one! I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. The next one is Saturday, June 25th at the new Bowie spot. You can sign-up for our Meetup group here! <3