As y’all might’ve seen fashionistas, last week H&M debuted its collaboration with the almighty designer fashion brand Balmain.
Balmain was founded in France by Pierre Balmain, a fashion and style genius. Throughout the decades, his lines have kept it sophisticated and uber classy. Not only does he have a women’s line, but also designs menswear too! He is truly a powerhouse.
Last week his line with H&M hit the floors, and fashionistas in all cities were crowding the streets, awaiting for H&M to open their doors to share the line.

Image from H&M

Image from H&M

In all honesty, I love this collaboration. The designs are exquisite and incredibly classy. The clothing line features all types of sequins, beading and drapes.
The styles are both feminine and chic at the same time…being over the top in a healthy way.
What I love most about this line is that it comes in all different colors, rather than a limited palette. There’s a shade for everyone.

Ah! I’m in love with the blue and gold top. I’m sure I’d wear it to an evening out. Certainly not to work! 🙂 The black and white patterned cardigan is the bomb as well. I wouldn’t wear it without a blouse underneath though! Seems a bit chilly and exposed for this season…
Image from Us Magazine

Image from Us Magazine

There’s too much glam to handle in this picture! I love the dresses, but I wouldn’t wear them all exposed on the metro though. The fabric and beading is way too fancy. And do these scream New Year’s dresses to anyone?
So you got it, I dig the styles. But the lines? The hype? I’m not sure it was all worth it.
Reason being is because the prices for all these lovely pieces is incredibly high and almost unreachable. In fact, these duds are almost at the same price point as Balmain’s regular items.
H&M collaborations are supposed to be affordable and accessible versions of high end brands. This newest collab doesn’t seem to be this case. Maybe it’s because Balmain doesn’t want to cheapen it’s brand and be accessible to the general public?
Who knows!
What I do know is that I’ll be waiting for people to bring these pieces to Goodwill. I’ll be snagging them from the racks, that’s for sure!

What do you think of this newest collaboration, dear readers? Too gaudy or perfect for an evening out?