The following day I read an article saying bell bottoms and wide leg jeans were back in style for back-to-school.  It makes sense why I’m seeing bell bottoms and wide legged jeans on everyone lately! Seriously, in the past week, I must have encountered them at least 5 times.
Here are my thoughts on this trend. I LOVE them; being a vintage fanatic of anything I’d definitely rock this trend. But they do have their time and place. I would probably wear them to work with the right button top and heels. For the weekend? For sure! But, for back-to-school? Sure if you’re in college I can see it working. It’s very boho chic.
Younger than college? Don’t wear them. I think a high schooler’s body type doesn’t have the right look for these type of pants. Bell bottoms can look really awkward on a person if they’re not comfortable or confident in them. They’re definitely a bit out there and are very telling about the decade in which they originated. Speaking of which, if you didn’t know, these types of bottoms were super popular in the 60’s and 70’s.  The belled legs on these pants were originally a design based on function and were worn by individuals who worked on boats. Who new?! I didn’t…
If you’re not a lover of bell bottom pants, maybe I can convince you with these photos that show how I see them being worn without looking dated.

This is the pair I purchased. I would have modeled them, but I have to gem them hemmed. Source: Milk Teeth

This is the pair I purchased. I would have modeled them, but I have to get them hemmed. Source: Milk Teeths

And of course when I went to the Glebe Rd location in VA I saw a pair of  brand new high-waisted corduroy bell bottoms with tags by Anthropologie. They were my size and affordable, so of course, I picked them up! They originally retail for around $100. They wounded up being too long, but since I got them for the fraction of the price I can justify getting a tailor to shorten them!

How do you feel about bell bottoms? Should they stay in the 60’s and 70’s? Are they a back-to-school trend?