Can you believe it’s already the last day of February? That means, spring is quickly approaching with warmer temperatures paving the way for relaxing runs and outdoor activities. 

dale city goodwill activewear rack
This year, I want to run and work out in style with my new fashion finds. To prep for the next few months, I visited Goodwill in Dale City, VA which is known to have name brand fitness gear. I chose this store expecting to hit the jackpot!

electric blue GapBody running jacket
Sure enough, I spotted this electric blue GapBody running jacket for under $10 (originally $40+). When I tried it on, it fit perfectly! After seeing this gem, I knew I was off to a good start; my intuition was on point.

lululemon activewear tanks
After more searching, I spotted not one but THREE Lululemon activewear pieces in excellent condition! I took these two running tops home, knowing I’ll wear for the rest of the season, for under $5 each. The mesh paneling within this duo of tops made me swoon! The fabric is breathable and perfect for those humid spring days. 

trying on lululemon yoga pants
Along with these two tops, I found this pair of yoga pants. Although they were a little long for me, I still took them home. They were just too comfortable to pass up! And for under $10? I could not resist!

Fabletics yoga pants
Lastly, I found another pair of Fabletics yoga pants that felt like a second skin. Designed by the actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics activewear is always fashionable and trendy no matter the season. Constructed with a variety of colors and patterns, there’s trendy apparel for every type of fashionista! The fun print on these leggings will add some color to my simple running tops. 

I can’t wait to visit the Dale City, VA store again for more finds! I’ll definitely be back again to complete my 2018 athletic gear collection. I’m still looking for more leggings!