It’s March, baby! And with spring just around the corner, it’s time to start building a wardrobe for warmer weather!
This week’s Fashionista Friday, Chanae Badu, highlights a hip look accentuating a variety of gems including one staple from Goodwill! Chanae is a fashion lover with a keen eye for all things designer. She is also a personal shopper, DC socialite and in-style momma! When she’s not shopping and snapping amazing photos, she’s a Goodwill shopper who is always on the lookout for unique vintage items. 

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In today’s look, Chanae’s going-out ensemble features a vintage DKNY bodysuit. Most importantly, she’s showing off these green high-waisted pants by American Apparel found at a DC Goodwill store!
It’s hard to find affordable and quality pants at any store, let alone ones that fit perfectly, so Chanae really hit the jackpot with these beauties.
At American Apparel these pants would have originally cost at least $100. But guess what?! Chanae scored ’em for under $10. What a FIND! 

Thank you for sharing your amazing find on Instagram, Chanae! I’ll be taking fashion inspiration from you this coming season. 

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