So yesterday, I posted a look that I’ll most likely wear on the day of love, but I have a few other ideas that I think you should try.
After perusing other blogs, I stumbled across these edgy, and or classic looks that I think anyone will be able to put their very own Goodwill glam spin on.
1.) The Leather or Faux Leather Mini

Image from Glamour by Style du Monde

Image from Glamour by Style du Monde

A classic black leather skirt can be worn for every season and the color goes well with most anything. The texture adds complexity to a look, AND it will keep you warm during winter cold temperatures. Leather or faux leather is always known for keeping one nice and toasty. Plus leather skirts are timeless pieces that will always work in your closet, no matter the decade.
Just rock this with a nice long sleeve top of any kind (turtleneck, crew neck, etc.) and you’re ready for a night on the town.
2.) A Bright Red Dress

Austin blogger, The Darling Detail, shows us that a simple red dress can make quite the lovely statement on the holiday of romance.
A dress like this, and any other, is simple, easy to wear, and really pops without putting in too much effort.
Since this gem is sleeveless, wear a a long-sleeved top underneath and a pair of simple tights. It will work just as effectively. Then add a pair of black heels or nude pumps and it will certainly seal the deal! The best part? I’ve seen dresses JUST LIKE THIS at Goodwill for under $10.
3.) A Luscious Red Cardigan 
Image from Stylish Wife

Image from Stylish Wife

In this look, the lovely Stylish Wife is rocking a cute dress, but bringing it to V-Day level with a saturated festive and fun red cardigan.
What’s great about cardigans in general is that they can transform any sleeveless or short sleeved top or dress into something that can be worn year-round.
Plus, you can wear them in so many ways , the possibilities are endless!

On top of all the V-Day outfit ideas I’ve been posting this week, is there anything I’m missing, fashionistas? Let me know in the comments!