Fashionistas, as you might know, I LOVE marching to the beat of my own fashion drum no matter the season or climate. If the print looks good to me, you know I’m rocking it!

In between making my own trends and mixing vintage and contemporary finds, I now make it a point to stay tuned into some of the latest and greatest trends, just in case one matches my style. For example, in spring 2018, bright colors were all the rage, and I embraced them 110%!

I was curious to see which trends I can find on the racks at Goodwill stores this fall. After perusing some fashion blogs, 3 runway looks stuck out at me, as well as a few examples for incorporating these trends into daily wear.

various fall couture trends on the runway

Image from Elle

woman wears white boots with fall outfit

Image from Vida Fashion

1.) The 80’s are in the House!

When I first saw it mentioned that 80’s style was making a comeback this fall, my heart instantly skipped a funky beat with excitement.

Designers like Gucci and Givenchy are showcasing shoulder pads, white booties, vibrant patterns…the whole 9 yards. In fact, some models are even strutting down the catwalk in color-block power suits.

Although there are some 80’s trends that I have a hard time getting behind (acid wash denim on denim),  I’m excited to experiment with unusual pattern mixing and gold accessories.

zebra print runway dress

Image from Clique Inc.

woman pairs a flowy zebra print skirt with boots and a red jacket

Image from Sydne Style

2.) Animal Print – Zebra

I find animal prints to be timeless in the fashion world, but I often feel the look of zebra is under-celebrated. It might be because it’s very much tied to past decades like the 70’s, but I don’t think its retro nature means it is outdated.

The black and white of zebra print makes the pattern easy to mix with like patterns.  Also, the two-color nature of the print makes it one that’s the perfect canvas to pair with bright colors.

Model wears neon blue tights with a black blazer dress

Image from Pop Sugar

3.) Color Pop Tights

There’s nothing like a slick pair of sheer pattern tights, but there are some merits to rocking solid color hosiery.

For example, sometimes I find myself composing ensembles that are all-black with no pizzazz. A pop of lip color isn’t always enough; I still want to make a statement while using a colorful accessory. Colorful tights may be the solution. And BOOM — plum, turquoise, or even a more muted tone can be the answer to your fall fashion woes.

Out of the trends I’ve listed, which one do you want to try this fall?