Okay, I admit it fashionistas. I am SO tired of this cold weather looming in the DC area, and am more than ready for spring to save the day.
I’m already noting styles and trends I want to experiment with this upcoming season, but during my research I came across this one that I definitely will NOT be trying: old English sleeves.
I’m all about experimenting with pinks and lace (two other trends I saw), but this one is not for me.
I know runway fashions are more about art and expression, but I don’t see this making its way to the DC streets. It reminds me more of Shakespeare plays than wearable everyday attire.

Many high end designers including Erdem and Simone Rocha are experimenting with this style, but no matter who employs the cut of the sleeves, it looks a bit too unusual and impractical for my taste.

To be honest, it looks like the sleeves are balloons….and that’s definitely not a good look for a petite person like myself. They’d make my arms look so small and clown-like.
I think the patterns on all of these looks are atrocious, especially in combination with the super strange sleeves. Especially that crazy worm black and white pattern. On a skirt, I’d rock it, but on a jumpsuit with overly puffy sleeves? I’m thinking no.

Image from Fashionisers

To top it all off, why are all these dresses cut so long? They don’t look flattering or comfortable for warmer spring weather.
As the days get warmer, the last thing I want to be wearing is a ton of fabric.

What are your thoughts on this emerging runway spring trend, fashionistas? Is it a success or a mess?