In an effort to push through the style rut that I somehow always end up in once the temperatures hit below freezing, I’ve been dipping through my fashion mags and Pinterest boards to try and spice up my cold weather style. After a weekend spent in the Big Apple aka fashion capital of the US, I am feeling a bit more inspired after snagging a few finds that I have helped me reach beyond heavy blacks and grays.
I snagged this black long sleeved dress at the Chelsea Goodwill in New York and it reminded me that floral prints definitely has a place in our winter wardrobes. I’ll be honest, I don’t wear a lot of florals (ever!) but this little spark of flowery print gave me just what I needed to think outside of my usual winter wardrobe box. It’s just a tad bit of floral print woven into stripes of a lacey print – so, for me (the non-floral wearing fashionista), it was the perfect first step in this trend!

And you've got check out those sleeves! I snagged this for $12.99. Love the mixed prints in it!

And you’ve got check out those sleeves! I snagged this for $12.99. Love the mixed prints in it!

When trying out a winter floral, you’ll want to look for a print that incorporates cool undertones so you don’t look like you’re just trying to get the most out of a summer favorite. Some examples of cooler undertones would be navy’s, grays, blues, dusty pinks, burgundy, blacks, emerald, and burnt orange.

Shop Winter Floral Prints — Fall 2011 and Resort 2012 Trends Photo 1

Great example of a burnt, rustic winter floral (Image from Polyvore)

In terms of where you incorporate this print – well, really the options are endless! From a skater skirt to a clutch, a good winter floral has its place in your closet. If you are going with a bottom, say a skirt or ankle length pant, I’d balance the top with a solid and conservative choice. A black turtleneck will be the perfect compliment to a bold bottom half. You can definitely find full floral pieces – like the one below, any they too have a place for colder days. You’ll bring the sunshine in an outfit like this. If you aren’t completely sure about the print, start yourself out with a bold clutch or a printed shoe. That will let you try it on for size without getting too far removed from your style comfort zone.

And, you can wear florals at any size, fashionistas

And, you can wear florals at any size, fashionistas. (Image from In Style)

I’d love to know if you rock floral in winter and how you do it. Share your style advice below!