Thrifting is becoming more and more popular in the DC area, and I can’t say I’m entirely opposed to it.

It’s satisfying to see and hear so many stories about people waking up and caring more about sustainability in fashion.

However, it has definitely affected stores, if I’m being totally honest. There are more people in the stores on a regular basis, making the thrift experience different from year’s past. But guess which section isn’t ever super busy? Men’s! I know what you’re thinking, Kam is wild, I would never shop in the men’s department at ANY store, period. But hear me out! Here are my top three reasons why the men’s section is the only one that matters at Goodwill and any thrift store.

An oversized Men’s vintage sweater

One: Better Quality Suiting

Through my experiences in thrifting, I’ve noticed a common theme: men’s suiting is 10 times better than women’s, especially the blazers. Power shoulders from the 80s are back in style for blazers this season, and who better emulates that than men? The quality of men’s suiting compared to women’s is far superior, and I just love how good it looks on me!

Two: An Untapped Treasure Trove

On average, the women’s section is always the busiest in the thrift store, especially Goodwill on a Saturday! Everyone is off work and getting their shopping on!

It’s a little harder to truly peruse the racks with patience and find many gems (if there are any left in my style for the day) because of the increase in store traffic. Meanwhile, the men’s section is nice, quiet and peaceful. And because there are far less people who shop in men’s, there’s way more to choose from! I regularly find all kinds of goods in men’s, because no one else is looking for them.

Three: Lots of Designer Items That Men Don’t Care About

Not said to be mean, of course. But honestly, the amount of designer goods both my boyfriend and I have found in the men’s section is insane. I’ve found so many hidden gems because most men in the thrift store don’t know or pay attention to labels (and neither do many of the people who work there), while women do.

Oscar de la Renta – a thrifter’s dream!

For example, I recently was browsing through Goodwill, and found a pair of Yves Saint Laurent pants on the rack. I’ve also purchased a few YSL blazers that my boyfriend found in the men’s section, and I recently scored an Oscar de la Renta houndstooth blazer during a recent thrift run! Absolutely perfect condition, and on trend for the season! My not-so-secret secret is out: men’s section has all the designer items for the low.

This blazer is too good!

Are you convinced yet? Check out the men’s section on your next thrift store run, and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Kamrin Brown (NaturallyKam) for DC Goodwill/Finding Your Good

Kamrin Brown is a fashion blogger and influencer for NaturallyKam, founded in 2015. Her blog has covered numerous events in Washington, D.C., and has taken her to NYFW. Kamrin has been thrifting consistently for the last 7 years throughout the DC metro area, incorporating her finds into her everyday style.