Spring is finally here, which means many times. One is – it’s time to pickle or preserve vegetables as the harvest is plentiful.

During the pandemic, I discovered home projects such as gardening, painting and pickling vegetables.  There are countless vegetables that can be pickled and preserved. My favorite is candied jalapenos or cowboy candy. It is a condiment that provides a great crunch, sweetness and some heat to many dishes including tacos, salads and sandwiches. 

Cucumbers are also easy to pickle and have many variations. My favorite pickles are old bay and classic pickles with fresh dill and garlic. I’ve always loved crunchy pickles and savory ones over sweeter bread and butter ones. Pickling onions are also great and easy to make for sandwiches and salads. 

Each other these items are stored in mason jars. Mason jars are traditionally used as an airtight vessel for canning. I use them for quick pickling and items that should be consumed within a few weeks.

Mason jars can cost around $3.00 each, new. However, you can thrift mason jars starting at 99 cents based on the size of the jar. I happened to find a case of 10 jars that were the color of the week, which brought each jar down to 25 cents! I quickly grabbed the jars and plan to use them throughout the summer.

It’s one of my best thrift finds thus far because it’s such a good buy at a great price! Also, don’t think you can only use mason jars for pickling. I use them for drinking vessels, storing grains and rice or using as measuring cups for cooking. The sky is the limit! 

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