To round out our month of celebrating Halloween here on Finding Your Good, I’ve curated a list of the all-time scariest fashion trends ever to hit the streets. From over the top nail art to patchwork mini skirts, we’ve seen some truly terrifying trends in our lifetime. So many of these made me really step back and say “who once thought this would be a flattering and functional style?” – well, someone did and where there’s a trend, there’s usually a cult following not far behind.

patchwork shorts

Image from Ebay

1.) Patchwork Mini Skirts – this trend dates back to the 1970s when patchwork became all the rage in both men and women’s fashion. But, in my lifetime, American Eagle channeled this era with an ultra-popular patchwork mini skirt, Bermuda short, and pant in this awful print.

Popcorn shirt

Image from Harpers Bazaar

2.) Popcorn Shirts – if you were a child of the 90s, you will recall the popcorn shirt trend took the world by storm. A magic fabric that came in truly terrifying shiny, silky prints and touted itself as a “one size fits all” piece of fashion. Between the terrible prints and uncomfortable texture, this one still gives me nightmares.

JNCO jeans

Image from The Hustle

3.) JNCO Jeans – I can safely say that I never came near this trend but so many others tragically did. I’m having a hard time finding a positive note on the JNCO jeans. I guess you could say – they had a lot of pocket space? Otherwise, these will forever go down in history as the worst and most terrifying jean trend in history.

crazy nail art

Image from Pinterest

4.) Crazy Nail Art – It pains me to say that this trend is very recent. Just in the past few years, people have taken nail art to frightening extremes. I think it’s the germaphobe in me that finds this truly disturbing. The crazy lengths and add-ons make me shudder!

Model from the 80's poses while wearing extreme shoulder pads

Image from Pure Wow

5.) Extreme Shoulder Pads – Let’s all just hope this one doesn’t make a comeback from the 1980s. Resembling a linebacker is not in my fall look-book. Let’s leave the crazy should pads for our Halloween haunts…

So, which of these terrifying trends have you been guilty of rocking? I’m coming in at a 2/5… Let’s all say a silent prayer that these fashion travesties stay a thing of the past! Agreed?