January’s not over yet! There’s still time to set some fashion intentions for the new year. If you need a little inspiration while you’re finalizing 2021 goals, here are some sustainable resolutions from some of the DMV’s expert thrifters.

Zay of @almost.zaymous

“Resolution: Teach more through thrift especially for queer people.”

“Goal: Buy my clothing mainly from thrift stores and use them in my photoshoots!”

Keisha of @lattiemoorestyle

“Make conscious decisions of what I’m purchasing, I don’t need anything at this point. Also, making a monthly Thrift allowance and sticking to it.”

Kajsa of @blinkystopgo

“For 2021, one of my thrifting goals is to make the bulk of my purchases from local thrift and consignment shops instead of online secondhand stores to better support local business.”

Tam of @therapythrift

“A resolution of mine is to buy nothing new – to look for things second hand, repurpose things, or create things with what I already own.”

Jakia of @soleorganizer

“My goals are to give myself grace, improve upon being less reactive and being intentional with my responses, and continue to grow and cultivate my business/brand. Oh and be genuinely happy!!”

Heidi of @desert2district

“In addition to keeping my wardrobe 100% thrifted or sustainable brands, my resolution is to upcycle more thrifted pieces into something new.”

This was my first mending project of the year– this thrifted sweater had a hole in the arm that I sewed closed with thrifted yarn.”

Jackie of @jacquitabanana

“My goal is to embrace a circular economy with more vigor and inspire others to do so as well! That means avoiding plastic and single-use products and choosing refillables, secondhand, or clothes made from virgin materials! Whatever stops the make and waste cycle!”

Lacey of @omglaceyy

“My biggest goal is to reduce the amount of money I spend in Big Box stores, and try to thrift more pieces. Also being much more mindful about what pieces I thrift so I don’t overconsume.”

Dare of @designedbydare

“My goal for 2021 is to host more live upcycle vlogs on my stories. I want to encourage people to start upcycling. By seeing my fails and successes in real time hopefully people will see that they can do it too.”

Natania of @_Nattiestyle

“One of my goals for 2021 is to consistently walk in purpose, regardless of obstacles.”

Ugochi of @thriftnprosper

“This year I’m trying be more mindful about my thrifting- considering the quality/ fabrics of garments as well as minimizing my consumption.
I want to share more thrift advocacy- the ins and outs and the extent of organizations/ philanthropies supported.”

Amber of @eatnstyleblog

“One of my thrifty goals is to shop outside of my typical style to explore other styles, for example vintage pieces. The great pricing and selection from Goodwill allows me to explore without breaking the bank.”

Carin of @frugalbutchic

“One of my goals for 2021 to take my closet from 70% thrifted to as close to 100% and be very intentional about my thrifty purchases Oh, and I’m shopping my own closet more.”

Kamrin of @naturallykam

“My New Year’s resolution is to limit my consumption of new items even more. Maybe one new item every other month or something like that, just finding more ways to cut back”

Kalee of @littlegreenglobule

“My goal for 2021 is to learn how to use my sewing machine so I can alter clothes that I thrift. I also want to try ice dying some thrifted tees to give to my friends as gifts!”

Catherine of @cccstyledc

My thrifty goal for this year: only thrift clothes made of natural fibers.

Jenny of @ladressupbox

“My resolution goal is less is more and I’ve been pretty proactive in donating more of what I have not worn more than once the past 12 months even if there’s nostalgia attached. Over the years, I realize my fashion sense has simplified and so I don’t need as many clothes in the closet or pieces of jewelry and handbags. I’ve still got my eyes peeled for a special find for myself or friends to spice things up!

During the pandemic months I’ve spent time cleaning out my closets to DC Goodwill. However, I always keep my eyes peeled for new artwork and recently I’ve found many good books in new condition to read in the new year and as thrift gifts friends!”

Carolyn of @Petite_Punk

“Less talk, more rock, on my side! I need to stop saying I’ll make monthly donation trips and actually do it! My car cannot be my donation storage closet any longer.”