Fashionistas, I was born and raised in the DC area, but I’ve always lived on the outskirts of the city. I grew up in Bethesda, went to school in DC, then moved right back to Bethesda after I graduated from grad school.

Bethesda was my home; I knew it like the back of my hand and felt more than comfortable roaming the streets and walking about town. But seeing as I’m still in my twenties, I’ve been itching for a taste of DC city life.

DC is a magical place. There tons of different neighborhoods with a variety of stores and restaurants. Each part has its own character that’s unique and one-of-kind. This weekend marked the moment where I’m now living in one of those neighborhoods: Columbia Heights.

Although moving can be incredibly stressful, especially into an actual bustling city, I’m proud to say that Goodwill helped me out….tremendously!

moving day

Not only did I donate over 5 bags of items to Goodwill, I also shopped there for storage bins to help me organize my items. Bins like these would have cost me upwards of $100, but at Goodwill, each one was about $2.

My new room is also furnished with lots of Goodwill gems. My type of aesthetic is more-so boho meets 1980’s, and all of my furniture from Goodwill more than fits that vibe. And! Best part? Every piece of furniture I got from Goodwill (rugs, lamps, tables) were at most $30 a piece. Can’t beat that!

lamp, rug and bin are from Goodwill

In the midst of packing!

Although my room looks like a mess from unpacking, my lamp, rug and bin are from Goodwill! All totaling about $60.

Kate Spade Coaster and vintage dishes

And this coaster, rug, dish and side table are from DC Goodwill stores too! The coaster is Kate Spade; table and dish are vintage; and the rug is modern. Everything from Goodwill here totaled around $60 too.

placemats, milk glass dish, patterned box, and Cher 8-track from Goodwill

My coffee table still needs organizing, but all my knick knacks are from Goodwill. Specifically, the placemats, milk glass dish, patterned box, and Cher 8-track! I’m super excited about my vintage meets modern boho chic vibes. My room almost feels like a boutique!

vintage bag

Just another peek at my end table and bookshelf. My room is like an exhibition of Goodwill artworks, fashions and miscellaneous trinkets. How cute is this vintage bag turned art display?!


My room still needs some tweaking, but overall, my warm cozy vibe is what I was aiming for. I’d say this move was a success!

In total, I must have spent $200 at DC Goodwill stores for almost $2,000 worth of items. For a young professional like myself, I can’t always afford new but stylish home goods. Goodwill always has my back in this department, 100%.

If you’re looking to move very soon, don’t forget that DC Goodwill stores have you covered from the donation side, to the organizing one. During most every step of the moving process, shopping at Goodwill can make things easier. Just don’t buy more clothes as you’re trying to downsize ;). After I donated a bag of clothes, I bought another one, haha!