Cooler temperatures are here in the DC area, which means hats, scarves, and gloves are needed to stay warm. Over the years, I have acquired different types, particularly liking vintage, crochet, and leather accessories. However, finding ways to store and display them has been difficult. Previously I used a basket but I would have to empty it out to find my favorite scarf. However, with a little imagination, I was able to find better storage in a creative way. 

My friend Jennifer and I visited the South Dakota location in DC browsing for blog inspiration. As I was exploring the racks, I came across a trio of vintage Amelia Earhart suitcases in great condition. One of the suitcases would be great storage and a better way to display the accessories. In the past, local vendors have used similar suitcases to display their goods, so why not for my hats and scarves?!

When I returned home, I did some research around Amelia Earhart’s suitcases and was surprised to find out American Tourister named the series of suitcases because Ms. Earhart was known for her durable luggage during air travel. Similar suitcases range between $30.00-$80.00. However, my suitcase is a great steal for $7.99. The best part is that the suitcase is my favorite color yellow! 

Everything fits perfectly and is another great Goodwill find for my apartment. I challenge you to repurpose a thrifted item to be used in a different manner. Please share so we can all be inspired!