Who’s looking for a new coat this season? Me! I have an abundance of black coats in my closet but absolutely nothing in any other color. I’m itching to mix things up this fall and a green, yellow, or pink coat is calling my name. So when I saw this coat we’re featuring today hidden on a Goodwill rack, I knew I had gotten lucky.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t in my size. So I decided to share it with you today in case you’re in the same boat that I am.

A dark green peacoat from tulle

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Today’s #MyGoodwillFind is a dark lime green peacoat from Tulle that can usually be found at Anthropologie. When worn, this fall gem hits at the waist and is relatively form fitting.

The exterior is made of a warm, cozy polyester material and is decorated with big buttons and petal-like pockets.

The interior shell also has a cute design. That gives you the option of wearing this jacket open so you can show off the unique pattern.

At full retail, this piece was originally about $90.

I’m feeling boho chic and Anthropologie vibes emanating from this lovely peacoat and would style my outfit around it accordingly.

Fall on Fleek

On the bottom, I’d wear a pair of skinny or bell bottom jeans because this jacket is more on the casual side. The shade of green and length of the jacket has a take-a-nice-walk feel rather than going-to-the-office.

For shoes, I’d opt for a nice warm brown boot to pull out some of the warmer tones in the green of the jacket.

For a top I’m feeling a tad flirty yet classic. So I’d go with a polka dot or floral pattern. A collared shirt in either of these prints would embrace my playful yet serious side.

Bling-wise you know I love a nice short, colorful bib necklace. Anything in blue, cranberry, or purple with gold or silver hardware will pull your look together. Fair warning though, I suggest not wearing red. You risk looking a bit too Christmas-y with the palette.

How would you rock this My Goodwill find, Fashionistas? Are you feeling hippie vibes like I am?