Dark gray sweatpants with pink stiching, light gray sweatpants, and hot pink capris folded on top of each other

Fashionistas, this year has been filled with many resolutions for me. At the start of January 2016, I promised myself I would try more things such as going to more concerts, eating new foods, and dedicating time to health and wellness activities.

I can confidently say I’ve succeeded at all of the above, especially at seeking to become more fit. I’ve perfected my diet and have engaged in a variety of fitness projects such as hip hop dance classes and leisurely running.

In fact, my increase in health-minded past-times has allowed me to gain more muscle and lose almost 10 pounds in the past few months.

While I’ve been engaging in these new extra-curricular activities I always want to maintain my own sense of style and comfort. And Goodwill has helped me do so to the max.

With this in mind over the past few months I’ve purchased a plethora of workout appropriate goodies that keep me looking cute and stylin’ – all for under $6 each.

Gray Lululemon sweatpants with pink stiching and pockets

1) Just this weekend I scored these originally $60+ Lululemon leggings I’m eager to wear to my next Thursday dance class. They’re comfy AND have pockets in the legs! At Goodwill I picked them up for around $6.

Two red workout headbands made by Fabletics

2) On another trip, I picked up these deep red Fabthletics headbands, brand new, with tags, for $1. The original tag that was on them said $10.

My hair is getting longer on top so these will keep it out of my face.

Gray sweatpants by Lululemon

3) Can you believe it?! Lululemon again! I scored these size small sweats also for about $6. They’re warm and cozy which will be perfect for lounging in this winter. Guess how much they originally cost? About $100! These are from the Rockville Goodwill store.

Hot pink workout capris by Glyden

4) More and more leggings! These hot pink capris by Glyden were originally $70 but I purchased them for about $6. They are basic in style but fit like a glove and make me look like I came out of the 80’s. Loving the vintage vibes!

Leopard print workout top made by Lucy brand

5) Next up: I love Lucy! You know leopard print is my jam so I had to take home this Lucy jacket when I saw it at the Gaithersburg location. For under $5 I KNEW this was coming home with me. I can’t wait to wear it running through the DC streets!

One pink and one dark green Lululemon workout tops

6) Lastly I found not one, but two Lululemon items brand new with tags for about $5 a pop at the Gaithersburg store too. They both don’t fit me so you might find them on the blog (wink, wink) very soon for you to maybe add to your wardrobe. 🙂 All together, these originally totaled about $200.

Do you have 2016 fitness goals, fashionistas? Have you scored any Goodwill gems that you’ve rocked while working out?