Kimonos are cropping up everywhere this summer and I am lusting over this breezy summer style. It is relaxed and flowy yet I’ve seen bloggers and celebs alike wear it in the most polished of fashions. Crop tops are being heavily debated this season; I find the kimono a great solution to the over-exposure argument that many are making against the crop top. It seems like a fantastic transition piece if you’re trying the crop top out for the first time; it is chic coverage. What could be better?

When you hear kimono, you most likely think of the traditional Japanese garment but what the industry is deeming the kimono this season is actually quite different. Almost scarf-like, these pieces are vaguely reminiscent of a winter pashmina. They’re coming in a variety of different lengths, colors, and patterns. And I can’t forget to mention the various embellishments, too. Lace and fringe are definitely taking the cake as the most popular adornments.

So how are our fellow fashionistas rocking this breezy bohemian style? It seems like the options are endless. Check out some of my favorite styles I’ve spotted online:

The perfect pairing with jorts


Shanae Grimes lookin’ so Coachella

Shanae Grimes paired this black, floral kimono with a pair of destroyed jorts at Coachella this year. I love how the feminine floral plays off of the grunge, destructed denim. The lace underneath makes a perfect accent to the floral, too.

The swim cover-up


Jessica Alba stuns in this bright kimono

Jessica Alba nailed this styling of the kimono. I adore it as a swim cover-up. I am heading to Miami in August and I am definitely packing something similar to hers; I love the fringe style for a bathing suit cover. It is a little more playful for the beach! This is a great color in contrast to her killer tan, too. I am thinking I will look for a lighter color to help make me appear a little more bronzed than I currently am.

Karen's navy blue floral kimono found at the South Dakota Ave. Goodwill

A rose-adorned kimono found at the South Dakota Ave. Goodwill

a flowy mixed-print kimono found at the South Dakota Ave. Goodwill

How can you rock this simple and chic trend on a dime? Swing into your local Goodwill – there are chiffon kimonos all over the racks and you can score them for a cool $4.99. Just last weekend, I stopped at the South Dakota Avenue Goodwill store and I found not one, not two, but three super cute kimonos! Each a different pattern, length, and fabric. Keep in mind, the chiffon kimonos are probably your best bet for a swim cover-up – they’ll keep you cool and still allow for your swimsuit to shine underneath. The cotton kimonos would be the perfect accompaniment to a stark white jean and black tank or jean short combo. 

I’d love to see how you’ve been rocking this lasting trend, fashionistas. Share your favorite styles in the comments section below!

Karen Wathen is a young professional and self-proclaimed thriftanista.” Her passion for fashion and her savvy spending habits make shopping second-hand one of her favorite hobbies. Wearing many (frugal and fashionable!) hats, Karen is a highly caffeinated Special Olympics coach, passionate community volunteer, amateur foodie, farm dweller, newlywed, and cheap wine connoisseur. When she isn’t scavenging the racks at DC Goodwill stores, you can find her barefoot in her kitchen, blasting country music and cooking up locally sourced foods from her Southern Maryland community. Follow her on Instagram (@k_wattt) for a peek into her savvy life!