In 1925, Dorothy Draper set up her own interior design firm and took the world by storm with her colorful ideas: black and white checkerboard floors, extremely wide stripes painted on walls, plaster moldings, and her trademark cabbage rose fabric. This picture is from the nearby Greenbrier Hotel that was actually decorated by Dorothy Draper herself!

Ariel's retro chair found at Goodwill

If you love the Dorothy Draper look, you know it can be expensive to recreate… unless you’re lucky enough to find pieces secondhand.  Luckily, I know exactly where to look to score Draper-esque finds. Check out this chair that I found at Goodwill!  Picture it painted sky blue or chartreuse with a black and white striped seat.  It could be a STUNNING Draper piece!

black vintage-look dresser with gold accents found at Goodwill

I also found this dresser that would be PERFECT in a Dorothy Draper room.  I wouldn’t change it at all.  That glossy black is so good!

Ariel's vintage-look mirror found at Goodwill

I actually purchased this mirror recently.  It was a dingy cream, but a fresh, bright paint job gave it new life.  Can’t you picture it in a retro room like above?

Ariel's silk tuxedo sofa

I also purchased this silk tuxedo sofa secondhand that would look stunning in a Dorothy Draper room. I ended up removing the skirt and making it more modern, but it would work well with the skirt still on it too!

So what do you think about Dorothy Draper’s design style?  Have you found any great Draper-esque finds at Goodwill lately? I’d love to see them!  Tag them with #mygoodwillfind.

Ariel is an avid “thrifter” and budget decorator, as well as a teacher and mom! After being a military spouse for 9 years (and moving 7 times in the first 7 years), her focus is on making a house (or in this case, her small city apartment) into a stylish home on a budget. She also has a penchant for Chesterfield sofas, Campaign dressers, and bar carts of all types. Follow her on Instagram @districtofdecor!