Today’s #MyGoodwillFind is a little different from what I pick out for this feature, but is perfect as we transition to fall and it’s a great brand!

This bright purple Alpine Houdini¬† Patagonia jacket is in a woman’s size small and is in like new condition. Originally this would retail for almost $200 brand new!

Alpine Houdini Patagonia jacket

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This jacket is made of a lightweight waterproof fabric which will withstand any storm or windy day. It features white accents with a zipper and logo, along with a hood that will keep your head covered in the pouring rain. It was originally designed to be rain wear for climbing and engaging in intense outdoor activities.

Although this jacket seems to be only for intense climates, it would be excellent for layering in the DC fall.

In fact, you can find many other items at DC Goodwill stores to stay stylish, fit, and comfortable during the season.

First off, I’d opt to rock a pair of classic black leggings with mesh cut outs, or ones with a statement pattern such as stripes or camo. About 75% of my athletic wear collection is comprised of Goodwill finds, so if you’re not sure where to find leggings like the ones I’m suggesting, try Goodwill first.

Shorts could work with this jacket too, but I’m not 100% sure they kept you warm every day this fall, but it’s worth having at least one breezy pair for the unexpected warmer day.

Gym Steez

Image by Polyvore 

At the top, I’m a huge fan of plain black tanks that give a slight hint of the sports bra underneath. Sports bras come in a variety of wild fun prints, so why not embrace them? What’s the point of having cool gear when no one can see it? One of the best things about fitness fashion is that you can be the bold fashionista hiding inside you during the work day. Lately, athletic-wear is calling back to retro neon styles – a trend that I’ve been a fan of since it was born in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

For kicks, you know I’m a big fan of fly shoes such as a graphic pair of black and white running Nikes. As a budding sneaker-head, I think there’s nothing like rocking a pair of unique and eye-catching shoes while staying comfortable. On a previous trip to Goodwill, I actually found a pair of collectible Nike wedges that still receive compliments to this day.

Fashionistas, how would you style this bright purple Patagonia jacket?