Can you believe Halloween is less than a week away? I feel like this month has gone by so quickly!

I’ve finally buckled down, sifted through my Halloween costume ideas, and settled on a rock icon that I’ve wanted to portray for years.

I considered quite an array of options during my process of selection. Should I dress up as an 80’s Madonna? Would that be too cliche? Would an 80’s fitness girl be my style? My options were endless…

It wasn’t until I spotted a purple jumpsuit for sale IN MY SIZE, that I knew would be PRINCE for Halloween this year!

Prince has always been one of my musical idols. His style, his music, his confidence….he was quite the powerhouse. So this year, I wanted to honor one of music’s greatest artists by putting my spin on his signature look from the film Purple Rain.

Now it’s time to put the whole look together!

I now have my base costume! I’ll be rocking a bright purple jumpsuit with business-style lapels. However, besides this costume staple, I have nothing else to complete my look!

That’s why I’m looking to Goodwill for the following:

naturally curly portrays Prince for Halloween

Image from Naturally Curly


1.) Silver Bling

As Naturally Curly shows on her series, you can’t rock a Prince look with some silver bling! In this case, she found some mesh material to add an ounce of glamour to my costume. I hope to find something similar to this at Goodwill for under $10. Luckily, I am confident that I’ll find it immediately.

Image from Brit + Co


2.) Flashy Footwear

Not only did Prince rock a power suit, his footwear was always so fly! Platforms? He wore them effortlessly. Booties and heels? You know he had both!

My goal is to find a pair that is purple — or just plain funky! Luckily, Goodwill is good at carrying tiny size 5 fun shoes on the regular.


3.) Circular Sunnies

Also, in the classic film Purple Rain, Prince wore a big pair of circular sunnies, even in the nighttime! To stay true to the movie, I’m on a mission to find similar glasses.

Although my costume is a spin on Purple Rain, I still have to make sure it’s a bit accurate to the movie!

In case you’re looking for sunglasses for your look, Goodwill sells them for under $5 a pair.


Have you picked out your Halloween costume or look yet? There’s still time! Visit your nearest Goodwill and get some ideas!