Today’s #MyGoodwillFind is another striped classic that will add a touch of the beach to your winter style.

White and navy blue striped sweater

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This size medium light sweater top by Brooks Brothers is timeless. It has a short-sleeve design with gold shoulder buttons and a navy/white pattern.

When paired with pants or a skirt, the bottom hits right at the waist with the sleeves hitting upper arm. The neck is cut boat-neck style, further channeling beach and New England vibes.

Full retail price at Brooks Brother stores for this find would have cost upwards of around $70.

Although this is a sweater, the seaside stripes and gold buttons are the perfect touch to still show some love and appreciation for warmer weather.

To further embrace the summer season try pairing this blouse with rich, bright, warmer colors such as soft blues and saturated luscious oranges. In fact, orange is the supplementary color to blue. This means that when these two colors are paired together they vibrate and are visually pleasing to the eye.

Fun fact: this color scheme is the most used in movie posters.

Summer Meets Winter


For accessories or bottoms, I’d pair any shade of darker orange with this top. You might even wear orange pants and a necklace together for a color-blocking and on-trend look. The blue and white will break up this color without making the orange appear too overpowering. 
What colors would you pair with this top, fashionistas? How would you further incorporate the summer sun into this cold-weather necessity?