Fashionistas, during the holiday season I always get a tad sentimental. Especially with Thanksgiving being just days away.

This weekend I had some down time and spent those moments thinking about the past year, reflecting on events and experiences of 2016.

I’ve come to realize this year has been one of lots of change and new experiences for me. And for that I am forever grateful. I realized I’ve been the DCGF for a little over a year now and I cannot thank everyone enough for the many incredible opportunities. This includes the chance to meet so many amazing folks who love Goodwill just as much as I do.

I’ve met so many wonderful ladies at my monthly Meetups. Thank you all for helping these events become such a smashing success! I can’t wait to see you at the one this Saturday, November 26th at our Herndon, VA location. 🙂

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite memories…

DC Goodwill Fashionista and attendee at a Meetup

I’ve have so many amazing memories from this year fashionistas!

Collage of attendees at the 2016 DCGF Meetups holding some of their finds

From meeting awesome people at our monthly meetups…

I also want to say thank you to the Goodwill staff and stores for making my year, MY YEAR. I love being a part of the Goodwill community and honestly wouldn’t wish for anything better. 

From the opportunities I’ve had with the trunk show and my fellow bloggers to bus tours, and photo shoots highlighting Goodwill gems – you make me more than proud to say I’m a Goodwill-advocate for life.

Fashion Bloggers at the 2016 Goodwill Summer Trunk Show

…to working with these incredibly talented fashion bloggers at the 2016 Summer Trunk Show…

The DCGF and attendees at the 2016 Goodwill Summer Trunk Show

DCGF, Lerkia Lee, and attendee on the Goodwill bus tour

…to having a blast on the bus tours…

DCGF photo shoot collage

…and the fun photo shoots showing off some of my great Goodwill finds.

Plus, I love being a part of an organization that helps provide free job training and education to those in my community… all while helping me pursue my own career passions. Thank you for allowing me to help strengthen my community and making it the best DC it can be!

So, I want to give a big whopping thank you to everyone I’ve met this past year. I also want to say cheers to all the greatness to come as 2016 comes to a close and 2017 reveals itself.

Happy Thanksgiving, fashionistas! Without you, I wouldn’t be here. 🙂

What are you thankful for this year, fashionistas?