It’s officially spring here in DC.  Gardens are awash in the colors of spring with tulips, irises, lilies and pansies blooming.  With the flowers of spring come the new spring styles, including the current trend of tulip pants. Have you spotted this new style? The tulip pant seems to be sort of like a flower child between gauchos and palazzos.

My collage of Tulip Pants from Polyvore!

My collage of Tulip Pants from Polyvore!

The Trend

Tulip pants walked down the runway in March at Milan’s Fashion Week. Giorgio Armani’s collection featured these pants that resembled a tulips petals with a skinny fit at the ankle.   You’ll find this trend on the racks at Anthropolgie, Forever 21, and Zara, to name a few.

The Style

Fashion is about evolution and tulip pants have already evolved into many different styles.  Just in time for summer, there are the cropped pants that give you all the airflow you need to stay cool in DC’s sweltering summers, but allow you to only shave half your leg.  For those of you who love the revival of 90’s fashion, there are the flared tulip’s that evoke the late 90’s obsession with flared jeans.  The purists among you who want to stay close to Armani’s vision can rock the tulip trouser in the skinny leg, getting a little extra volume around the hips.  For the laid back beach bases and bohemians, you have two options: the hi-los and the wide leg.  Both styles are perfectly paired with a tank top or crop top for when you want to look put together but not done up.

What’s to Love?

Tulip pants are available in so many different shapes and styles that it’s easy to find a style that works for you.  Depending on the fabric and cut, you could wear them at the office, or at the beach.  It all depends on how you style them and the material you choose.

What’s to Leave?

The skinny style tapers nicely at the ankle, but has very wide hips.  While many women want to confidently rock their curves, I don’t know many women who want to add extra fabric to their hips.  The cropped style will make short legs like mine look shorter, something I always try to avoid.  Finally, the wide and hi-lo style make your legs look wider and remind me of Julia Stiles’ style in 10 Things I Hate About You.  It just doesn’t seem like a very modern look to me

The Verdict

I’m leaving this trend behind.  My short legs don’t need to look any shorter and I’m not interested in bolts of fabric billowing around my hips.  This spring I’ll enjoy tulips in my garden, not in my closet.

What’s your verdict on this trend?  Will you be scouring the Goodwill for a pair of tulip trousers?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

A teacher by day, a thrifter by night, I love going to the Goodwill and finding great things.  Whether it’s organizers for my classroom, pots for my kitchen, or sweaters to relax in, I know I’ll find it all at the Goodwill.  You can follow all my favorite DC Goodwill finds on Instagram @gotitatgoodwill.