For the longest time dear readers, one of my mottos for Goodwill shopping was: don’t buy it if it has stains and doesn’t fit quite right. I thought that if I was paying so little for a piece and possibly taking a risk, it better fit really well. If I needed to get something hemmed, I might as well just have purchased a full priced item. For the money that I paid for hemming, I could have gotten 2 or 3 more treasures at Goodwill. You get my dilemma?
safety pins and thread
In the past 2 weeks, I purchased some clothing that had me asking the question: Is it worth hemming?
My thoughts are changing on this rule that I once adamantly lived by. Recently while perusing the racks of Goodwill I came across a pair of new with tags bell bottoms by Anthropologie and a plaid corset dress by All Saints. I really wanted to take these home with me, but was concerned about them not fitting because of my rule. And because I loved them so much, I started to think that it might be worth getting them hemmed (gasp!). If I love it enough and know I’ll wear it multiple times, I should consider putting in the extra effort?
 new with tags bell bottoms by Anthropologie
 new with tags bell bottoms by Anthropologie
These bell bottoms fit me perfectly around the waist. The dark blue and corduroy fabric make them a fall must-have. Originally they sold for around $100, but I snagged them for only $3! The problem with these is that they’re way too long on my petite frame. I’m not even kidding! The extra length is about half of my body.
I really want to have these hemmed but is it worth it? Because they’re bell bottoms, will they lose the shape? Should I give them to a friend? What are your thoughts, dear readers? I might just go for it and get them hemmed. After all, they do fit my waist and are flattering at the top.
plaid corset dress by All Saints
I found this plaid corset-style dress from the Annandale location. It was only $9 and I felt that I HAD to take it home  considering the original price was upwards of $200. The top of this dress fits like a glove. It’s so snug and comfortable that I could wear it for an all-day outing. In a corset-style dress, no less!
My qualm with the dress is the length. Being on the smaller side, I feel uncomfortable with it hitting right at me knee. I feel like it makes me look shorter than I really am. I’d like to get your opinion though. Is the length okay or should I hem it? I’m thinking it could go both ways. For all I know, it could actually be perfectly fine!

Let me know your input on my two finds in the comments! How do you feel about hemming clothing from Goodwill? Is it worth it?