As a food blogger and home cook, I am always experimenting with flavors and spices. Therefore, I usually purchase spices in bulk rather than in small containers. It is also cheaper and more sustainable to buy spices in that way, but the question is: how do you store the spices? 

Mason jars are my go-to for everything. I use them from drinks to jams and pickles. In fact, here is a time when I used one to create a savings bank!

My cabinet is overflowing with various sizes and colors from Goodwill for around $1 a jar. Why not put my spices in there as well?

My niece traveled to Paris a few years back and bought back an abundance of Herbs de Provence. Instead of putting the spice into a small plastic container, I added it to a large mason jar and placed it on my counter for easy access. I also had tons of pumpkin pie spice and garlic pepper and added those to mason jars too. I love the outcome!

Secondhand mason jars are such a simple solution to storing spices that also looks cool on the counter. Goodwill always comes through with the items needed to make life so much easier. Where would I be with Goodwill!!!

PS – Here are some spots to buy spices in bulk:


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