I’m taking the day to finish my closet audit that I told you about on Monday. If you’re home for the holiday, do some rooting around and cleanse your soul with some good ole fashion organizing. I promise – nothing feels better than starting a new year with no skeletons in the closet (Yes, those size 8 shoes you bought because you loved them (even though you know you’re an 8.5) need to go, fashionistas. There’s swarms of savvy shoppers waiting for them at Goodwill).

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

Our retail stores are closed today but we’ll be open bright and early tomorrow morning to take your gracious donations. And, I’ll be shopping this weekend so hopefully I find some gems for your holiday closet audit!

I wish you a fashionable and prosperous New Year, dear readers!

Tune in tomorrow to see what trends I am hoping we carry through 2015.