Dear readers, for some reason I clearly have opinions on what shoes should go with or without socks. A few weeks ago, I went off on my hatred of socks and sandals, but for this piece, I’m talking about a shoe that needs socks: cut-out buckle booties.
Lately, cut-out booties have become quite popular. They’re cute, comfy, and stylish. I don’t have a pair of my own but I can certainly see why people own them.
I do have an opinion about how they should be worn, though.

Goodwill look

For the fall, I’d wear this look with tights AND socks, that’s for sure. Image from Lookbook.

First off, when this trend came out, I was a bit on the fence. I feel the combination of sandals and boots are polar opposites. Aren’t boots supposed to keep your feet warm? Aren’t sandals for keeping your feet cool on a hot day?

Love this! I’d maybe rock these with black socks though. It would look quite sleek. Image from Venividivisa.

This new style of footwear seems to be a walking contradiction. But, after seeing women wearing them with printed thin lacy socks or tights during past fall seasons, I was on board. Socks keep your feet warm…that makes sense!

Image from Wonder Mika. Aren’t Miley’s feet drenched with sweat? Those shoes must be smelly….

On the other hand, I’ve seen ladies wearing these buckle combat-like booties without socks during the summer and fall. To be honest, it looks kinda silly. Again, aren’t boots are supposed to keep your feet warm?! When I see my fellow fashionistas wearing these booties on a hot day, it makes me cringe. My feet felt hot just looking at them. The cut-out I would think isn’t a big enough opening to keep your feet breathing.
Leather thick boots in 90 degree temperatures? No thanks.
Image from

Image from Fashion Tag

This past month on cooler days, I’ve also seen women wearing these boots without socks. I could feel my feet getting cold looking at women’s bare heels and ankles. The cut-out allows a slight draft in the shoe, making the boot style pointless in terms of practicality.
I get it, sockless cut-out booties are for looks – it’s trendy! However, if you wear boots to keep your feet warm, wear these with socks….otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Am I being too harsh fashionistas? How do you wear your cut-out booties?