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Yes, Get Those Clip-On Earrings.

As I have built up my thrifting muscle and learned to love vintage, I have come across hundreds of more clip-ons than I ever did in my previous fast-fashion life. At first, I became more used to them simply because I kept seeing them in the shops I was now visiting. Then I began to notice more and more of the earrings that caught my eye were vintage pieces, and most of them had clip-on backs. At that point, I dipped my toe and started to buy and wear them. I was shocked by how comfortable most of them were, and how practical they were for larger, heavier designs in particular. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

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Fly Thrifted Outfit for Under 30 Bucks!

This past weekend, I hung out with friends in Baltimore. As usual, the hardest decision was to figure out what to wear for the event! These are my best girls, so I knew shopping would be included. We visited a high end consignment store in Timonium, MD, a private shopping experience, and finished with dinner.

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