Alright, dear readers, I was perusing the latest and greatest in fashion via and I was suddenly stopped in my tracks as I was flipping through an article titled “Shop Spring’s 6 Biggest Trends.” It was number two that put my jaw on the keyboard: Bermuda shorts. It wasn’t just the idea of the Bermuda short that made me cringe, it was moreso the justification for why they’re popular that got me. The slide read “There was a collective sigh of relief when we saw the Bermuda short last season everywhere from Dior to J.Crew. We have yet to shed the pounds we packed on throughout winter and these thighs are not ready for the hot pant world we live in.” Hold the phone, Elle.

Here is Elle's collage of trendy Bermudas...

Here is Elle’s collage of trendy Bermudas…

First, before we get to the trend itself, let’s talk a bit about how we all need to make a better effort to quit body shaming. Suggesting that Bermuda’s should be in our item rotation for spring solely based on the amount of fabric they possess to cover our winter-fattened thighs is a sad excuse for why they should be popular. Instead of suggesting how to style them so that they are flattering, they’ve been suggested as a medium to cover-up hated body parts. It’s disappointing as a reader to be given a reason to cover-up rather than flatter what I’ve got. We all have to work together to accept and love our bodies; fashion and style are fabulous ways to learn to love our bodies. I try not to think of my clothes in terms of covers but rather a way to challenge myself to style my self-appointed flaws in a way that works toward self-acceptance of them!

Second, we totally do not live in a “hot pant world” and justification of that can be found in my personal Jorts story. My Goodwill Joe’s Jeans jorts are a prime example of the happy medium that exists between Bermuda shorts and hot pants. They hit mid-thigh and flatter my shapely legs – which I have no interest in covering up regardless of how many winter pounds I’ve packed on.

Lastly, you’re probably wondering why I have a distaste for Bermuda shorts. It’s personal, I suppose. I really don’t find them flattering, at all. On my body shape, with thicker hips and legs, a short that ends at the knee leaves an awkward stop that makes my legs feel like their the same with all the way to my feet. That end at the knee, separated by two legs… it is just weird! I find Bermuda shorts to be a lot like the mullet of bottoms (aside from skorts but we won’t go there in this post). It’s business and party; conservative lengths that come in wild prints are just a no for me.

I just had to put this one on the table to see if anyone will make the case for the supposedly trendy Bermuda shorts – and make it a lot better than did!

Do you rock the style or are you steering clear? Share your story below!