Author: Cathy Guerra

How to Create an Art Gallery Wall

Hello, again my thrifty home décor enthusiasts! Today I wanted to walk you through the process of how to create an art gallery wall at home. I just revamped my home office and created a cool gallery wall using goodwill frames! And guess what?? They were all under $5. It’s a really fun project that won’t break the bank.

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The New Goodwill in Hayfield – Alexandria, Virginia

I remember the joy I felt the day I got invited to attend my very first Goodwill Grand opening! Ecstatic can’t even begin to describe the happiness I felt. To be honest, I guess it hadn’t hit me that I am now a Goodwill blogger all because of my love of thrifting home décor and furnishings. A literal happy kid inside and out!

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The Healing Power of Design

Today, I want to share with you a special story about a recent design project I did for a nonprofit organization that is dear to my heart. The Oasis Alliance was founded by my design colleague turned friend Danielle Woodhouse Johnson.  The Oasis Alliance focus is creating healing spaces and transforming the homes of trauma victims through the power of interior design.

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How to Create a Spring Vignette & Throw a Cocktail Party Using Thrift Finds

Today, I’ll be sharing tips on how to create a Spring vignette and throw a fun cocktail party. If you are a loyal follower, you may recall a clients formal living room transformation I designed inspired by a Moroccan Blue parlor room as her Woman Cave. As a working mom of two, it is an absolute must to have a space of your own, for her, it was important to include her heritage, family and culture.  If you’re new to ISBC, see the link below for full transformation.

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How to Create a Renter-Friendly Love Nest Using Goodwill Finds

Hello! I’m back and ready to share another home project. In 2019, a young couple living in DC reached out to me to help them design their first apartment together. They needed a cool space that reflected their vibrant personalities, traveling dreams, and colors they loved. I called it their love nest! I will be sharing renter-friendly solutions in this post that can give your space instant personality and flair. Let’s get into it!!

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