Author: Cathy Guerra

My Goodwill Finds: Spooky October DVDs

It’s been a spooky October at my house. October is hands down my favorite month in the fall season. I was yearning to watch classic nostalgic movies this month. Spooky, scary, vampy, psychological thrillers is what I was looking for. I was visiting my family one day in Woodbridge, VA and decided to stop by the Goodwill. This is one of my favorite locations. For those that don’t know, I lived in Woodbridge for 7 years before moving to DC so it was one of the stores I would frequent often. 

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How to Decorate a Fall Home With Thrifted Storage Trunks

It’s that magical time when the heat of the summer sun and the humid breeze starts changing and feeling fresh and crisp. That’s right! We are entering the season of fall. My favorite season out of the four. This time of year calls for cozy blankets and crisp nights by the fireplace. This is the time you transition your fun summer pillows for soft furry winter ones. The best way to store these comfy blankets is a vintage trunk! Hands down my favorite accent piece to thrift at Goodwill in the fall. 

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My Goodwill $25 Challenge: How to Curate a Décor Package

I recently challenged myself to a Goodwill shopping trip with a $25 limit on my spending funds. I took the opportunity to do this fun challenge in preparation of National Thrift Shop Day which was on August 17th. Let me start by saying, Yay for a national day to highlight local thrift stores! I didn’t even know such a glorious day existed:) My goal for this trip was to purchase items to finish a little reading corner in my home. I had existing pieces already in this space from other thrifting trips throughout the years. I just needed a good décor package to complete the space. 

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How to Create an Art Gallery Wall

Hello, again my thrifty home décor enthusiasts! Today I wanted to walk you through the process of how to create an art gallery wall at home. I just revamped my home office and created a cool gallery wall using goodwill frames! And guess what?? They were all under $5. It’s a really fun project that won’t break the bank.

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