I am constantly looking for ways to continually evolve my style, dear readers. I love the idea that style is ever-changing; it’s lively, accompanying me where ever life decides to take me. When spring hits, I always find new and revived focus on my personal style. A lot of the time, that revival rises from the trial of new style. Today’s Trendy Tuesday mention is at the top of my to-try spring style list.
Meagan is the writer of Meagan’s Moda, Style for All Seasons. It’s a great style blog that I stumbled upon; she mixes trends with pieces from stores that we can actually afford (I love that!). In this particular post from March, she topped her outfit with a great, floppy wool hat. This look is a fabulous representation of a seasonal transition, too. I love the dark colors mixed with bold floral and a bright bag. The simple contrast¬†makes her dark hat look totally acceptable for a spring soiree. When I came across this picture of Meagan on Pinterest, suddenly I knew what my next style move needed to be.


Love this picture from Meagan’s blog! *Image sourced from Meagan’s Moda

There’s something about this type of hat that gives a glow of sophistication, right? The wide brim gives this ere of completeness. I just have to give it a try myself. I am thinking that a lighter material will be best for spring, although Meagan’s wool definitely looked nice – it may get warm. I am thinking a lighter color would be better for sunny days. Here are a few styles that I had in mind. I’d love to know your thoughts!

spring hats

Will you be hopping on the spring topper train?