If you’ve got a warm weather wedding on your agenda in the coming months, today’s My Goodwill Find needs to find its home in your closet. I am beyond in love with today’s find and I can’t tell you how hard it was to pass this one on to you, dear readers. But, I am you loyal and loving fashionista so I knew I had to give you the chance to snag this frock I found. I am already day dreaming of the possibilities for styling this beautiful piece. It’s print, color combination and flattering shape make it the perfect party dress.



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Made by Pim + Larkin, this piece is a women’s size medium. Pim + Larkin was a brand sold on Piperline for a short while. Their collection featured bold prints and all pieces were under $100 (I knew there was a reason I was drawn to this piece!). The dress I snagged for you is in pristine condition. If it ever was worn, I can tell you it wasn’t for long. It’s a bold Jacquard print that features a metallic Kelly green. The shape is impeccable; a conservative neckline, open back and a-line skirt make for the ultimate in flattering styles.
I like to think of kelly green as one of those universally flattering colors. I can assure it can be pulled off by any skin tone or hair color, especially in this piece where it is mingled with a deep black.  In terms of style, this one can obviously stand on its own with its stunning features but that wouldn’t be any fun, now would it? I imagine this paired with an edgy leather-accented blazer and strappy heel for a chic, punk vibe. Conversely, I can also see this paired with a modest black heel or flat and a 3/4 sleeve black blazer for a popping work event outfit. Here are a few ideas for styling:

green dress

Is anyone else as madly in love with this piece as I am? Will you be snagging it? I’d love to hear your style ideas below!