Bold. Subtle. Glamorous. Functional. Unique. These are just some of the many words that describe why a hat can add so much to an outfit.

Hats, in my opinion, are one of the most overlooked accessories that people can buy. The uniqueness that a hat can bring to an outfit is special. So, when I thrifted last, I found hats that were special and thought about how you could find something special too.

1. Shape

Shape is one of the guiding aspects of finding a good hat. The shape of hat can provide a lot of texture and structure to your outfit. If the hat is round and cylindrical, it can help your outfit can be more streamline and clean. The edges of the outfit will have more softness when you have a more rounded hat.

When you have a more rigid and boxed hat, it will make your outfit have more structure.

Having a hat with more rigidness will help your outfit be more elongated. It also will not not add more unnecessary symmetry to our outfit, because of its structure. It is shocking how much a hat’s shape can add to an outfit.

2. Functionality

Functionality is one of the most important aspects of a hat.

Functionality of a hat is important because it helps understand when and how you will use the hat. Not all hats are meant to be in your collection. Yes, many of them are very nice and cool. Yet, if you are not going to use it, it most likely does not have a purpose in your wardrobe.

Functionality is key because it will also help you understand what makes sense for your wardrobe and style. Often, we add pieces to our collection that do not make sense. Not understanding functionality can limit and sometimes overwhelm your style.

3. Texture

Texture can help a hat have character. The material the hat is made out of can make the hat either laidback or sophisticated.

When I shop for hats, I always seek to find hats that are not made simply out of felt or traditional fabrics. I often seek hats made out of fabric that gives the hat visual texture.

Finding items like these can help you understand how to maximize an outfit. Texture gives a richness to a look because select materials like wood grain, bamboo, embellishments, etc. can add nuance to any outfit.

Find the right hat can add so much to your outfit. A hat’s shape, functionality, and texture can provide nuance to the outfits you wear. Next time you go thrifting, do not over look the hat section – you just might find your perfect accessory!

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