Fashionistas, as you might know, I LOVE marching to the beat of my own fashion drum. In between making my own trends and rocking all vintage, I sometimes find it hard to keep up with fashion fads because I know they can be fleeting.

This year, however, I’m really feeling the spring 2018 Fashion Week trends. Reading blogs like PopSugar, I’ve found a handful that already feels like a part of my wardrobe. Now that it’s spring (the second day, woo!), I cannot wait to find these trends at Goodwill: 

bright colors trending on the runway during Fashion Week

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1.) Bright Colors
You know I’m all about bright colors – especially with vintage dresses and pink lipsticks!
Designers like Marc Jacobs are showcasing super bright fashion lines on the runway this year, and I’m not mad about it. Bright colors vibrate under the sun while creating eye-catching looks that dare to stand out.

Jumpsuits trending on the runway during Fashion Week

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2.) Jumpsuits 
Who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit!? The jumpsuits at Tod’s and Gucci were all the rage on runways this spring, coming in a variety of cuts and patterns.
A jumpsuit is a quick outfit to wear to the office or out at the National Mall. In one fell swoop, you can create an effortless ensemble and accessorize with unique vintage jewelry.
At the next March Meetup in Washingon, DC, I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for rompers and jumpsuits.

Image from Popsugar

3.) Love Lavender 
Millennial pink did its thing in 2017 and now it’s time for a new soft, yet unique color to shine.
I’ve always loved the color purple, but I have NONE in my wardrobe. It’s a unique color that most brands don’t think to utilize in everyday attire. When I’m not rocking bright colors, I want to experiment with the lovely and calm color of lavender.  I cannot wait to search the Goodwill racks for jackets and skirts of this color.
Paired with pink shoes and gold gems, I guarantee you a lavender look will be making an appearance in an upcoming outfit post!

Out of the trends I’ve listed, which one do you want to try this spring?