This past Saturday, all of us DC Goodwill Fashionistas hit the racks of Goodwill of Greater Washington’s  Goodwill location, on 10 S. Glebe Rd Arlington, VA store!

This store is known to be a favorite in the area, receiving thousands of donations and hundreds of customers a day.

At this Meetup, the store’s doors opened just for us at 8 AM – an hour before everyone else got to shop. AND, everything was 50%, making it an even more exclusive and exciting morning.

I keep saying this but this particular event might have been our best and biggest one yet! Attendees were pouring through the doors when the event started, totaling a little over 30 attendees during the shopping hour.

The Glebe Rd Goodwill Meetup Recap

Fashionistas writing their names on name tags and enjoying breakfast treats!

There were tons of new faces at this event, who found out about the recurring series through the Goodwill email list or the Meetup website page.

Goodwill Meetup

Lina and Kat chatting.

Newbies and frequent attendees mingled, such as Lina and Kat. They hit it off instantly because of their love of Goodwill and fashion.

The Glebe Rd Goodwill Meetup Recap

This accessory haul is absolutely dynamite! I love the color scheme.

The Glebe Rd Goodwill Meetup Recap

Versace sunniesOne fashionista took home designer Versace sunnies with box and authentication cards for only $20! Glasses like these originally retail for over $300. Talk about a find of the day!

The Glebe Rd Goodwill Meetup Recap


Lina in Goodwill vintage

Another snap of Ms. Lina! I’m so glad we met. We both share a love of Goodwill, designer and vintage everything. <3

And these vintage patterns from Lina’s haul are extraordinary. Both vintage and contemporary finds comprise this mixture of fabrics.

opryland hotel

This brand new with tags gems was spotted on the racks. It was on a vintage bolero-style black ornamented long sleeve jacket. It was most certainly taken home!

The Glebe Rd Goodwill Meetup Recap

Ladies shopping until they drop!

The Glebe Rd Goodwill Meetup Recap

This fashionista was a new-comer to the event, but has been a Goodwill lover for years! She took home a variety of quality gems including the painting in her cart. With the Super Saturday Sale, it was under $10.


The Glebe Rd Goodwill Meetup Recap

Tim, an avid Goodwill shopper and DIY expert was also new to the series and was on the hunt for special items to use to make chalkboards and home goods featuring hooks. Check out his racket and cart of unique housewares – it was so great to meet you, Tim! Look out for his works of art at the August Pop-Up!



Lastly, here are a few items I picked up. I seemed to be on a Western kick when I picked up these caramel colored cowboy boots and handmade rug throw. These cowboy boots fit like a glove and will undoubtedly be making appearances in outfit posts on the blog this fall.

Hope you enjoyed this recap, dearest readers! Come to our next Meetup if you couldn’t make it to this one! I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. The next one is Saturday, August 27th at the Annandale Rd Virginia spot. You can sign-up for our Meetup group here! <3