Dear readers, I have another style confession to make today. I am the worst offender of wearing “cute” shoes that absolutely destroy my feet to the point where I make not only myself but moreso, everyone around me feel miserable! A few weekends back, I spent the afternoon walking across the Key Bridge over to Georgetown to window shop and enjoy the amazing spring weather. Well, about halfway over the bridge, I knew I’d made yet another tragic fashion mistake. I began to feel my sandals start to rub my feet. You know that feeling, don’t you? Where you can just about see the blisters forming on your tootsies. Yeah, that was me!
For all the hard-headed, shoe-loving fashionistas like me, here are some alternatives to unsupported, flat sandals ans sky-high heels; I’ve put together some healthier, comfortable options that keep you looking stylish without destroying your feet.
Cool Canvas. If you read the blog, you know I prefer heels over everything. My recent blister catastrophe has lead me to the decision that it just isn’t possible for me to keep tearing my feet up. I’ve been trying out a few different flat styles in canvas. It’s a great material because it’s easily cleaned and breathable. I scored a pair of brand new Toms at Goodwill for $11.98. That’s a steal! I’ve also been sporting a flat Keds type of sneaker, too. These come in great prints and make the perfect pair to cropped pants and/or chino shorts.

My Goodwill Toms!

My Goodwill Toms!

Safe Sandals. So, dear readers, all sandals are not bad. But, the trendy, flat leather bottomed ones certainly don’t offer our feet the best support. I’ve spotted a lot of great alternatives in Goodwill for a sandal that offers you more than just a few hours of wear. Reef is a perfect brand for sandal’s with support! They make very affordable flip flops that have a great arch and soft sole. For the sporty fashionista, Teva is another great brand that I see for super cheap in Goodwill all the time. Athletic style sandals are on-trend, too!
Bold Wedges. Ahh, a personal favorite of mine! Summer swelling, as I like to call it, doesn’t pair well with strappy sandals. What it does pair well with is a wide strapped wedge style sandal. If you’re on a budget this summer – you can always swing by the shoe racks in Goodwill. They’re usually around $9-$15 depending on the condition. That’s 1/4 of the price of brand new ones. Anything that has wide straps is less likely to cause friction and blisters and will be more forgiving that strappy styles! A wedge offers a more comfortable and healthier alternative to the traditional heel.
Goodwill spring shoes

Here’s a collection of Goodwill sandals and wedges – a lot of the DCGF’s own! There’s truly something for everyone in the shoe department!

 Dear readers, I am ready to hear your favorite warm weather comfort shoes!

What’s your favorite brand and style?! Share in the comments below!