Can you recall a time where you said to yourself, “oh, I love being stressed out because I can’t locate my belongings?” I doubt that.

We have so much to manage in life but we also have the ability to exercise our control by being organized which can minimize feelings of frustration, stress, and other negative feelings associated when not being able to find your items.

One of the simplest ways to get organized is to group like items together by containing them. I like to do that by incorporating storage boxes and baskets within my space because they serve as a decor piece and storage.

So, one beautiful Saturday afternoon, I took the drive from MD to the DC Goodwill store with the music blasting, windows down and the sun shining brightly – all while manifesting that I would find exactly what it was that I needed.

When I walked inside the DC Goodwill store, I headed straight to the home goods and arts-n-craft section and I wasn’t disappointed with the selection.

I decided to purchase a set of cardboard storage boxes which were the perfect size to be stored inside of my food pantry. 

I used the cardboard storage boxes to separate and organize my medications and vitamins because even though they were neatly positioned on the shelf, I preferred to have them concealed. 

By using the storage boxes purchased from the DC Goodwill, I was able to bring forth order to my pantry shelf along with enhancing the aesthetics.

I also added a label which eliminates. second-guessing what’s inside and allows me to easily access my medications and vitamins. 

Nothing makes me happier than being organized and being able to grab exactly what I need without feeling flustered or irritated because I can’t locate the item.

Be mindful to think outside of the box when it comes to organizing but remember that the end goal never changes which is being organized means being in control.



Jakia is the CEO and Founder of SoleOrganizer, LLC. She is a Lifestyle and Organizing Enthusiast who encourages individuals to get organized by incorporating cost-effective and time-saving tips for those who aspire to get organized. rnrnJakia works one-on-one with clients to assess their problem area and then creates an organized and functional space. She loves to travel and is always dreaming of ways to get to the beach. rnrnMost importantly, Jakia believes that being organized is a lifestyle and a not a chore! Visit her website for organizing tips and inspiration.