Whenever I’m out shopping for furniture, I look for pieces versatile in both form (how it looks) and function (how it is used).  The other day I spotted this little cart at Goodwill and knew it was both.  I’ll admit it looked a little sad originally (with the stickers and cord organizers on it), but after removing them I envisioned a plethora of uses for it!


There are so many ways I could change the look of this cart!  I could paint the handles or the trays for a two-toned wood look, or paint the entire piece. The trays would also look fantastic covered in patterned contact paper.  I could even stencil a design on it!


TIP: When I can’t decide what will look best, I Photoshop an image of a piece of furniture to help me decide.  I’m not a Photoshop expert by any means so I use Benjamin Moore’s FREE tool on their website to upload photos and paint pieces virtually.


This cart was probably meant to be a television cart, but I envision other uses around the house for it.  It could hold appliances in a kitchen, decorative boxes filled with toys in a kid’s bedroom, or bedside table items.


Or perhaps it could hold diapering necessities, blankets, and trinkets in a nursery.


It would also make a stellar bar cart that could be wheeled around your home while entertaining.    

I’d love to hear how you’d change up this little cart.  I’m still undecided!  Can you think of other creative uses for it?