The DIY, do it yourself, movement is dead.  

We’re in a DIO movement!

We do it ourselves, we do what we do as part of a community. We engage sustainable making, in sustainable spaces that are accepting, rather than acceptable. 

It is time for sustainably minded people to take note: we are not alone, we are not doing the work alone. 

Image from Finding Your Good

We are not singular in our desire to craft individualized items for our bodies, for our homes — for our communal spaces. We are not alone in the way we take our cup of coffee “for here” most days, cutting down on the 3.85 billion paper cups distributed by Starbucks, in 2017 alone. 

Rejuvenating and repurposing fashions, furnishings and household goods is an act of rebellion. 

Together we rebell!  

Get inspired by designs from these bad a** womxn 

@mzeclectic gives new life to old denim! 

Image from Mz Eclectic
Image from Mz Eclectic

Nicole Crowder, Upholstery Goddess @nicolemcrowder

These upcycled rugs (below) from @earth_1st AKA Cozy Floor Covers, get them here!

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Briget Heidmous // @RaisedTraverse

About Femme Fatale DC:

Femme Fatale DC is a hub for womxn and non-binary creatives, entrepreneurs and organizers. We catalyze: a womxn lead economic ecosystem that advances intersectionality on a platform of equality. We are on a mission to amplify the influence of womxn by providing inspiration and practical support.

About Briget:

Briget Heidmous is an artist and entrepreneur. Her motto is, look basic, think radical. Her art practice manifests in hybrid forms involving performance, installation, drawing, painting and street art. You’ll find her online at @raisedtraverse.