During our Gaithersburg Meetup, I found this cute, fun and whimsical chevron sequin sparkly dress, sitting on the racks, waiting to be purchased. So I took it home with me!

Unfortunately, when at the store, I didn’t follow one of my Goodwill shopping tricks: always trying items on. Alas, the dress was too big, but now I’m sharing it with you today!

Today’s #MyGoodwillFind is a $50+ boutique brand sparkly chevron patterned cream dress in a size small. It’s not made of a stretchy material, but is still easy to wear and quite flattering for those of you who have small hips. It has one button at the top of the neck in the back and has quarter length sleeves. It also hits just above the knee, making it a perfect gem to wear out on the town.

PicMonkey Collage777

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This dress is not for work, but it’s not all serious here on the blog. We like to have fun, too! I’d wear this out on date night during a warmer fresh spring evening. Whether you wear it to a dinner or to a show….it will work in most evening settings.

For styling I really want to focus on shoes and handbags because these two items will add another fun pop to the already stylish dress.

A Spring Pop


In terms of footwear, my go-to move would be to strut my stuff in a color heel or wedge. The dress is already a neutral color, so a matte or non-shiny but bright shoe will add another level on complexity to the look. Most colors will work with the dress, but I’m especially drawn to blues, pinks and reds.

Which leads me to what purses I’d carry to complete this My Goodwill Find. Again, my brain is thinking in color. Reds, mints, pinks….anything will work. Just as long as you don’t wear a bright shoe AND purse….that would be too extravagant.

Now let’s talk about the size and shape of purses to wear. Totes and big bags are a no-no. If you’re out on the town, it makes more sense to carry cross-body, clutch or small bowler bag. Anything bigger than than will be too ponderous and  annoying to carry around.

DC Goodwill Fashionistas, what would you rock with today’s My Goodwill Find?