Fashionistas, instead of hitting Goodwill stores by myself, I brought some lady friends along, to show them how many Goodwill stores were in the area. And let me tell you this: we had an awesome time.

The day started out by meeting for coffee and breakfast treats in College Park at a shop called Vigilante, before embarking on our long adventure. We planned the day at this spot, then commenced our journey by zipping around in a Zipcar and going to the South Dakota, Columbia Pike and Annandale Road locations.

Using Zipcar was actually one the best ideas of the day. None of my friends were too familiar with the DC Goodwill stores and my car is kinda small., so I was able to give them a tour all in one vehicle. It felt like we were in a rental car on a vacation!

At each of these locations, my girls and I found at least one treasure to take home. While I couldn’t take too many pictures when we were out (:( my phone died), I did manage to snap a few pictures of items that I collected on our day’s trip.

vintage housewares

First, I scored some vintage housewares and home goods that I really want to use in my next home when I move in October. This vintage tray will be great for deploying jewelry and kitchen appliances. Heck, I could even use it to serve food and drinks on! For $2, it was a great deal.


I also picked up this big throw blanket in bright neon blues and oranges that I want to use as a couch throw. The floral print is vibrant, bringing any old boring couch back to life.

Both of these match well! I didn’t plan this, I swear :).

Goodwill shopping


She's Strange vinyal

And y’all know I’m a sucker for good records and music. At the South Dakota store, I found another Cameo record to add to my collection!

modern and vintage clothing

Loving the monkey print on the top sleeveless blouse! Also, no one can go wrong with J Crew polka dots!

I also picked up a slew of clothing items, both modern and vintage. Nothing designer, but all the shirts and jackets I found are still adorable!

black bustier

I don’t typically buy this type of thing at Goodwill, but I’ve been looking for a strapless black bustier forever! For only a buck, I had to take this vintage lace one home. I’m not sure how I’ll wear it yet, but I know when I will, I’ll be channeling my inner 80’s Madonna!

Topshop skirt

But….I did consider the possibility of wearing it with this Topshop skirt I scored at the South Dakota store for under $6. The best thing about this skirt is the black intersecting line design. It will create visual complexity in any look that I wear with it.

polk dot rain coat And finally, I cannot get enough of this kid’s (hahahaha!) jacket with a polka dotted interior. It fits really nicely on me and will look fabulous with a pair of skinny jeans this fall. Stay tuned for more looks!

Next time I promise to take some more pictures! Also, if any of you fashionistas are interested in taking a mini day tour with me in a Zipcar, let me know! I’d be able to take 4 ladies around for the day.