Dear readers, continuing on this Halloween train, let’s talk about how to pull off a fun AND appropriate Halloween costume at work. Office Halloween parties can be tricky. If you love dressing up but work at a company with a conservative dress code, coming up with a fun costume can seem impossible. My best piece of advice is to keep it simple, keep it appropriate, and stay away from anything that is remotely controversial or political!

If you’re struggling on what to be for your office Halloween party, look no further! I’ve come up with some safe and fun ideas for you that you can definitely create from your existing wardrobe or Goodwill finds!

Mime DIY costume

Image from Mashable

1.) Mime. If you’re a makeup lover like me, this is a fantastically easy costume to pull off. All you need is something black and white striped; you could do a striped dress or a striped blouse and skirt/slacks. A black hat would really pull the outfit together. Google “mime makeup” and you’ll be ready in no time without having to shop for anything!

Chic Breakfast at Tiffany's DIY costume

Image from Yahoo

2.) Holly Golightly. If you want to stay in line with your office dress code, this is truly the safest and chicest costume you can try. A simple A-line black dress, thick string of pearls, sock bun, oversized shades, and elegant gloves will have you looking like a modern-day Hepburn without any stress about the dress code.

Elle Woods costume diy from Legally Blonde

Image from Popsugar

3.) Elle Woods. Okay, so true life – this is a personal fave of mine! I love any excuse to wear a full suit of hot pink. This one is super simple, grab all the boldest pink in your closet, a little tote bag and pick up a stuffed dog to stick in it (HR probably wouldn’t appreciate you bringing in a live one!). Bam! You are Elle Woods from Legally Blonde in a flash.

There you have it! Three super safe but still fun and chic Halloween costumes that won’t land you in trouble with Human Resources! Have a stylish and fun Halloween!